“David was a great editor to work with! I came to him as a first time author, and I wasn’t quite sure how to go about editing. He walked me through the process with lots of tips and advice on how to take my book to the next level. Give him a try!”

–J.Z. Foster, author of Witch Hunter: Into the Outside and The Wicked Ones: Children of the Lost

Some might think if you’re self-publishing, you don’t need a professional editor. I thought this too but then two things changed my mind: 1) a book is forever and once it’s printed, you can never take it back, so you want it to be as perfect as possible, and 2) how I found the editor was unexpected.

I found my editor on Reddit, in the subreddit /r/writing. After simply posting that I was looking for an editor, he anonymously reached out and said to send him the first 2,000 words and he’ll edit it for free. I agreed and made a separate document for him to work on. He went through it making comments and suggestions.

His perspicacity surprised me. He did an amazing job.

I learned an editor is different from a writer in that an editor improves something that already exists and a writer creates something from nothing. He was able to get inside my head and tell my story better than I originally had.

I hired him at 25% up front and 75% when he finished. The deliverables were fantastic.

Dave Schools, author of Runaway Millionaire

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